Is there anybody who is looking for the Best Projectors Under $500, with every detail and quite impressive features? Since the best HD video projector has become part of everyday lives, wish to save a penny, buy a Best Projector Under $500, the projector with limitless performance in an affordable package.
Planning a movie with friends? Presenting your ideas in a business presentation? Want to spice up your moments in an outdoor event? No worries! Offering you a “Best Projector under $500”.
We are putting forward extensive features regarding performance, compatibility and many other perks at an attractive price. So, let’s dive into “Best Projector under $500”:

View Sonic (PX701HD) – 1080P Projector

A stunning technology by InFocus Brand, this projector comes with a TechStation supported 3D display, DLP 1920 x 1080, 3500 lumens giving it a day-bright resolution. The TechStation feature enables this projector to streamline with devices like streaming stick, Google Chromecast, etc. The projector also comes with an HDMI port and the feature of InFocus Screenplay.


Keeping in view all of the above-discussed parameters, this View Sonic (PX701HD) – 1080P projector, despite some shortcomings, is the best choice with its powerful features, vast compatibility support and automations. So, this could be the “Best Projector Under $500”.

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