How To Take A Screenshot On Samsung Galaxy A11? Updated April 2022

You own Samsung galaxy A11, but you have no idea How To Take A Screenshot Of the Samsung Galaxy A11? Follow our step by step guide.

The ability to take screenshots, that is, to record in an image what is on the screen at that same time on your Samsung Galaxy A11, is a feature that is becoming increasingly common in mobile phones and tablets.
Some programmes can do this job, but happily, you do not need to download and install any additional software because it is already present in the Android 10.0 operating system.
A screenshot allows you to store a WhatsApp chat, Tinder profile, Instagram storey or Facebook photo or video frame in the memory of your Samsung mobile. Taking a screenshot is simple.
Rather than doing so, if you want to record a video of something that is currently being displayed on the screen of your Samsung Galaxy A11, such as a video call or an audio storey, or if you want to record a web page or a segment of an internet video, you can follow the steps in the following tutorial:

A Little About Samsung galaxy A11

The Galaxy A11 is one of Samsung’s most affordable smartphones, and it was introduced in early 2020 to replace the Galaxy A10E. However, it comes in only two storage capacities — 32GB or 64GB — but you can customise it with various iconic Samsung colours and finishes, including blue, white, and black. The Samsung Galaxy A11 that we tested came pre-installed with Android 10 and the One UI 2.1 skin on top. After receiving the One UI 3.1 upgrade in May 2021, it is currently running Android 11 on a Samsung Galaxy S7.

On the inside, Samsung used Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 450 engine, up to 3GB of RAM, and a large 4,000mAh battery to create a powerful smartphone. All of this is brought together by the phone’s 6.4-inch HD Plus display, which also has a headphone port on its top edge, which is a nice touch. In addition, a bottom-firing mono speaker is included for a bit extra sonic versatility.

How To Take A Screenshot On Samsung Galaxy A11?

Step #1: We begin by navigating to the screen on your Samsung Galaxy A11 from which you wish to capture a screenshot, which might be a site page, a chat window, or an application.

How To Take A Screenshot On Samsung Galaxy A11?
How To Take A Screenshot On Samsung Galaxy A11?

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Step #2:

We used the Android native method by simultaneously pressing the power and volume down keys on our Samsung Galaxy A11 or through Samsung’s system. It consists of sliding palm across the screen from the right side to the left (or vice versa) of our Samsung Galaxy A11 until we see a flash that indicates that the capture has been completed. Depending on the programme you are using, this approach may or may not be available to you.

To use this gesture to take a screenshot, you must first enable it in the settings. To do so, go to the settings menu, select “Advanced functions,” and then allow the option “Move palm to capture” from the drop-down menu.

How To Take A Screenshot On Samsung Galaxy A11?
How To Take A Screenshot On Samsung Galaxy A11?

Step #3: A copy of the recorded photograph is automatically saved in the gallery of your Samsung sm-a115u, sm-a115m/ds mobile phone or cell phone.

How To Take A Screenshot On Samsung Galaxy A11?
How To Take A Screenshot On Samsung Galaxy A11?

Step #4: Select the capture that you just took with your Galaxy A11, and you will be able to edit it, cut the image, or share the picture with your contacts or on social media platforms.

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Some Other FAQs related To Samsung Galaxy A11

I missed my Samsung Galaxy A11 PIN code. What can I do?

If you have forgotten the PIN code for your Samsung Galaxy A11 SIM card, do not enter the incorrect code more than twice or the SIM card may be blocked. In this scenario, a hard reset will not work; the only answer is to hunt for the PUK code, which must be on the plastic card from where your SIM card was obtained; if you cannot locate it, call your telephone operator to obtain the PUK code; with this number, you can make a new PIN code. If you enter the wrong PUK code, the SIM card will become inoperable and you will have to request a replacement from your phone operator.

What should I do before hard resetting my Samsung Galaxy A11?

First and foremost, we recommend that you create a backup copy of all your Samsung Galaxy A11 data, either on a computer by connecting the Galaxy A11 via a cable and copying all the data through the file browser or a dedicated copy programme security, using an SD card, or the simplest method by backing up to the cloud via a Google Drive, Microsoft One, Apple iCloud, Dropbox, or Amazon Drive account.
Second, make sure your Samsung has at least 800mAh of battery power and, if feasible, keep it connected to the charger and power while conducting the reset activities.

My Samsung Galaxy A11’s unlock pattern has been forgotten. What can I do?

You can unlock your Samsung Galaxy A11 if you have a Google account linked to it and remember the password.
After repeated attempts to unlock the Galaxy A11, the message “Forgot your password?” appeared. It will display in the lower left corner. or “Forgotten the password?” Click on it, then input your Google account password, and your Samsung Galaxy A11 will be unlocked.
Once unlocked, the Android 10.0 operating system settings let you to change the unlock pattern or lock PIN code.
If you do not remember the password for your Google account, you must use a computer or other device to try to recover the password using a secret question or a second email account. If you are unable to recover the Google password, your only option for unlocking your Samsung Galaxy A11 is to perform a hard reset or factory reset, which will erase all information stored in your 32 GB 2 GB RAM, 32 GB 3 GB RAM, and all its settings.

Final Words:

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