Portable Smart Led Lamp

The time has gone to rely on candles since the technology is getter faster day by day. Now people are using portable devices which have made life easier. It is obvious that everybody wants hassle-free solutions to their problems and here portable smart led lamp works best since it works as a long-time backup to provide light. Smart led lamp, lightens up your room, backyard BBQ, and study area. Moreover, you can take it to camp and on trips as it is simple to use. You just need to charge it up, then unplug it and take it along with you anywhere. It is widely used now due to its convenience and versatility.
But before buying a portable led lamp you must check its specifications and other features. Further, to make it easy for you, we have rounded up the top features of it. Let’s dig in!

Incredible Features of Portable Smart Led Lamp

The wireless multi-functional lamp is a perfect device with its various features to carry it all time. It is indeed a risk-free lamp that can be used for multiple purposes and in different places. Read on to know the unique features of the smart led lamp;

Bluetooth Connection

The smart lamp has built-in Bluetooth 4.0 which allows the buyer to play the music anytime he wants. You just need to connect your mobile phone to start the music. No doubt it’s best for the picnic, parties, patio, living and bedrooms and a lot more.

Powerful Speakers

If you love to play music laying on the bed with a dim light effect then the smart led lamp is best for you. This advanced and unique version of led light has built-in speakers which make the music audible. Just take your phone, tablet or laptop to provide a connection with smart Bluetooth 4.0 and now you’re all set to listen to your favorites songs. Moreover, this portable smart led lamp supports Aux and TF cards.

Battery Backup

The upgraded version of the led lamp has 10 hours of battery life. You will need to charge it after using the led lamp for continuous 10 hours.

Perfect Gift Material

Deciding what to give to someone special as a gift becomes difficult sometimes. But we have made it easy for you as the smart led lamp can be an amazing present. You can give it to your mom, dad, siblings, and grandparents and to all those friends who love reading and music.

Dim Light Effect

After being exhausted and having a busy day everyone just wants to relax on their beds. To give you some peaceful hours, you can turn the led lamp on. The smart led lamp will give you a soft, soothing, and calm effect through its dimmable light. You can relax in your bedroom for hours.

Light Modes

Different light modes attract the buyers to get this product. The portable led lamp is available in two base colors which are white and silver. Further it has a touchpad by touching it you can change the colors of lamp. Mostly children love to change the colors keeping it on the side table of their beds. They love different colors of led lamp such as purple, red, yellow, blue and green.


  • You can use this led lamp for continuous 10 hours.
  • You can turn off the mobile or tablet’s Bluetooth to stop the music of the led lamp.
  • It works while it’s on charging.
  • Fast Bluetooth connection with other devices such as phones, tablets, etc.
  • You can use any adapter to charge the lamp. Moreover, the battery can be separately charged through an adapter of 5V output voltage.
  • You can change the portable led lamp’s colors by touching the touchpad.


  • The Smart led lamp doesn’t have its own button to stop the music.
  • Sometimes speakers are terrible as they give muffled and unclear sound.
  • Changing color modes is difficult sometimes.
  • It doesn’t support Wi-fi connection.


The price of portable smart led lamp is reasonable. It costs $15.93 in silver and $19.0 in white on amazon.

Final Verdict

You can give this product a try. It has got 5/5 stars and more positive reviews than negative ones from the buyers. Led lamp is worth spending money product, you won’t regret spending your money over it. Initially order one led lamp to see the results.

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