Willful Smart Watch | Best Seller Smart Watch on Amazon

Willful Smart Watch | Best Seller Smart Watch on Amazon

A good personality is incomplete without a wrist watch. A smart watch can do even greater favors than smart phones these days. Can you believe that the best seller smart watch on Amazon is just for 36$! Yes, the Willful Smart watch is all you need to have to make your life easier.

The Willful Smart watch is waterproof with a good screen size of 1.3 inches. It supports wireless connectivity technology. It is found in 7 vibrant colors. It operates in IOS 8.0/Android 4.4 or above these ranges and Bluetooth 4.0 or above.

Willful Smart watch has the best fitness and sleep tracker. Hold on! It not only has a long lasting battery but also a heart rate monitor and a lot more features you need to know! This super affordable smart watch is the perfect package you can have. This article has all the details you were looking for about the Willful Smart watch. Let’s proceed to the Willful Smart  watch features:


  • Compatible with both Android and iPhone One of the Willful Smart watch features enable you to download the free “VeryFitPro” Willful smart watch app and connect the phone with the watch. This app helps you receive the notifications from calendar, social networking sites, SMS and calls.
  • Best choice for Fitness freaks This watch brings the best features for people who are significantly conscious about their health. Almost 9 sports modes are featured in this watch including cycling, fitness, yoga, mountaineering, treadmill, running, hiking, cycling and dynamic cycling too. Your work out details and health status during exercise, everything will be monitored.
  • Waterproof This feature is designed with IP68 waterproof rating. It allows you to swim without the fear of your smart watch being destroyed. Remember, it won’t record the swimming details and you can dive up to 3 meters with it. It allows you to continue your running even in the rainy days.
  • Long lasting battery-low price It takes around 2.5 hours to get charged and can be used up to 7 days on regular basis. It has a standby time of 30 days. Isn’t this battery time worth all the money? Well the Willful Smart Watch price is around 36$. Don’t miss it if you are on budget.
  • Sleep tracker with analysis of sleep quality and heart monitor Contributing towards a healthy lifestyle it monitors your sleep quality which includes the wake up time, deep sleep and light sleep too. After every 5 minutes the advanced heart sensor can monitor your heart rate. You can check the outcome in the watch or in the app.
  • App Details the “Very Fit Pro” works for the smartphones only. It does not operate for PC and Tablet. The Willful smart watch has other practical tools which include find phone, sedentary reminder, stop watch, 10 vibration alarm clocks, adjustable brightness, deep breather guide and music controller.


Display Screen
Height 1.5 inches
Width 1.3 inches
Smart Watch Strap
Maximum 9.5 inches
Minimum 6.5 inches

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  • User friendly
  • Quality sleep tracker
  • Best fitness tracker with 9 modes of sports
  • HD screen with adjustable brightness and colored display
  • Camera
  • IP68 waterproof feature
  • Comfortable, slim and light in weight
  • Built in USB plug
  • Application is available


  • Multitasking is average
  • Can’t tackle deep diving
  • Bad performer under scorching sun
  • Message options are unavailable

Final Verdict

Smart watches are the best when it comes to tracking your healthy lifestyle. The best choice among the variety of watches is Willful Smart watch. Its features don’t restrict it to any gender. It can be worn by anyone be it children or adults. It’s a YES from our side.

It is easily affordable and every feature is worth the money. You won’t regret spending your cash on this amazing product. If you are looking for an easily manageable watch to keep the track of your health then Willful Smart watch  is the one you should get for sure.


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